Thinking of purchasing that newest astronomy gadget? Watch this video first!

Telescope Accessory Advice
Telescope Accessory Advice

All astronomers struggle with purchasing the perfect equipment. Surprisingly, It’s strange how sometimes the simplest item will become a favorite piece of equipment. In my latest video, I give some telescope accessory advice on what’s essential about accessories. I also provide some optional ways to go about purchasing things (wait!).

Here’s some links to MY FAVORITE Accessories:

MOVE SHOOT MOVE Eyepiece Camera Holder- I’ll be reviewing this item soon, but needless to say, it’s become my one and ONLY eyepiece camera adapter!

Rugs.Com – Circular Area Rug – Placing a simple rug underneath your observing site can protect against errant drops and mishaps by adding one more layer of protection between your favorite eyepiece and the cold, hard ground.

Modular Music Stand – I bought one of these for work and ended up purchasing another one for my astronomy use! It’s the perfect table when you are trying to be cut down on bulky items!

For more suggestions of equipment, check out my recent post entitled, “Enjoying Your Time at the Eyepiece”.

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