A comparison of the different views offered by editing choices

To say we’ve had some GREAT weather recently would be an understatement. In fact, solar astronomy has been a Solar Astronomy BONANZA! Over the last few weeks I’ve been able to observe the filaments march across the face of the Sun, and today, earlier this morning, I witnessed an M-Class flare. The event lasted around an hour and can be seen on my LIVE feed here:

Solar Astronomy Live – May 2, 2023

Live view of our Star! Music provided by Rev. Dr. Jason Emerson -barefootpriest.com

The event took place over the course of an hour towards the end, roughly at the 45:01 video mark. From there, you can see the ejection from multiple angles. Below, I’ve created a comparison to show the progression of the ejection. I captured video for an image at three points during the LIVE feed- denoted by the points where the video goes black & white.

Here’s hoping for more great weather to continue imaging our beautiful Star!