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  1. Tracy Knauss says:

    Holy Universe, that is a nice mosaic! The fact that one can zoom in and out and see the detail is fabulous.

  2. Pavol Boles says:


    can one order the mosaic for hi-res printing?


    1. Matt Harbison says:

      Hi Pavol,

      I’m currently in the process of providing a service for folks to order prints but I don’t offer the master files for purchase.


  3. Matthias Pfragner says:

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you so much for going through all the effort on creating this stunning view of the constellation Orion! It is by far my favorite constellation (having so many beautiful deep-sky objects) as well. I can feel with you for the tedious hours of post processing, having created solar prominence time-lapse out of 1TB raw data or a 150 megapixel mosaic of the solar surface myself.
    This is one place to visit during long lasting cloud cover in my place, until the stars twinkle and shine again 🙂

    Clear Skies!

  4. Aygen says:

    Dear Matt,

    Just marvelous – I am already in awe with your work.

    I just started a year ago with astrophotographers – but like you – I have always been an amateur astronomer.

    I feel that I can learn a lot from your incredible pictures (by far the best that I have ever seen so far !).

    Best regards from Switzerland.


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