Welcome to my Live Astronomy Page, here you’ll see only the live video from my YouTube Page. Or previously recorded “Live”, I should say. Feel free to make a comment on the channel if you have any questions, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE while you are there.

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First Light! Solar Astronomy live from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Feel free to comment, or “Subscribe” if you want to see more LIVE Astronomy. If the sky is clear, we’ll be here! Clear Skies!

Messier 101

Live stacking of Messier M101- From Chattanooga, TN. Equipment used: Telescope: Celestron Edge 11 HD Camera: QHY 168c Gain 181, Offset 53 Guider: QHY 174m Fo…

Lunar Astronomy

Live Lunar Astronomy from Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Giant prom on today’s Sun! Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe!