Multiple mosaic projects stitched together to keep track of the data.

Each image captured for the mosaic received the following process in Pixinsight.

Single Image Processing

-Master dark frame created

-Batch Pre Processing script run for each channel ( 12 180s light frames ) to create L, R, G, & B master frames.

-Cosmetic Creation script used to remove unwanted noise and defects.

-Each image cropped slightly with Dynamic Crop (with same process) script to remove unfavorable edges.

-Each image received an Automatic Background Extraction.
Screen Transfer Function used to reveal each integrated, cropped, and background neutralized master channel frame. (L, R, G, & B)

-LRGB Combination tool used to create the RGB master frame.
Photometric Color Calibration tool used for accurate color recreation.

-Screen Transfer Function applied to master RGB frame to reveal color calibrated image.

-Histogram Transformation Tool used to create the non-linear (stretched) RGB Image.

-Screen Transfer Function applied to the master L frame to reveal properly calibrated image.

-Histogram Transformation Tool used again to create the non-linear (stretched) L image.

-LRGB Combination Tool used once more combining the master Luminance frame to the master RGB frame with Chromatic Noise Reduction selected in the tool.

-Master LRGB image is then plate solved with the Image Solver tool and save as a Frame14x.
-Creation of a PNG overlay via the Annotate Image script and saved.

-Master folder creation of a Master L,R,G,B, and LRGB.xisf + LRGB.tif.

-Notes taken for each image- central star in each image, date of acquisition, RA + DEC, temperature of frame, type, # of frame, and corresponding number of planned mosaic.

-Repeat x 270


-Each master image retains it’s master plate solve after saving in the single image process.

-All (200) L images loaded into Mosaic By Coordinates Tool

-24 hours of astrometric solutions applied reveals 200 4gb registered images at a resolution of 65,000 x 39,000.

-Repeat for each channel- R,G, & B.

-Repeat for LRGB Masters-

-Master registered frames are then input to Gradient Merge Mosaic.

-22 hours later the complete master channels were output.

-22 additional hours later and the complete master LRGB image was output.

-The final image displayed is a merge of the LRGB color master image and the Luminance master frame.

-Photoshop was used to render the final image and adjust color levels to my taste.