Outreach at a local elementary school

Hello! My name is Matt and I’m an Episcopal Church Worker by day, and an Amateur Astronomer by night! I’ve loved Science my whole life and this website is a connection to that process.

You’ll find links to my social media presence, my personal blog, and occasional builds and projects in the works. I am also displaying my work from the last five years- Project Orion: A 200 panel mosaic containing over 500 hours of imaging time and 2000+ individual images. I’ll also have new projects listed here along with my LIVE Astronomy Channel from YouTube.

I would also direct folks to my astronomical society in Chattanooga- The Barnard Astronomical Society of Chattanooga. It can be found here: https://www.barnardastronomy.org

My hope is this will become a place for curiosity and education for my community, both near and far.

Thanks for visiting and clear skies!