This page is dedicated to all those in the educational, astronomical, and local communities who’ve aided in my work and education. Just like a guy without a bike… I couldn’t have gone far without you!

(In no order of importance)

Tennessee, North Carolina, and North Georgia

Katie Harbison

My entire family

The Barnard Astronomical Society of Chattanooga and it’s members

Brian Cooper

Dennis Sprinkle

Peter Sarnosky

Karen Sarnosky

Ralph McConnell

Richard Clements

Samantha Blair

Ned Smith

Richard Smith

Bill Seymore

Camby Akers

Niko Blanks

Micah Smith

David Frost

Bobby Thompson

Ron Collins

Father Robert Childers

Father Rob Nichols

Matt Vawter

John Fonville

Nicole Seiferth

Chris Waldrup

John Oneal

Dorothy Oneal

Misty Ball

Allen Ball

Lloyd Watkins

Kenda Keenan

Dan Keenan


Danny Self

William Ramey

Debbie Roy

Larry Roy


Jared Wellman (Main Sequence Software)

Bruce Morrell (AstroFactors)

William Yang (William’s Optics)

Ron Newman (Moonlite Focusers)

Hap Griffin (Image Infinity)

Isaac Garfinkle (Stellarvue)

Tolga Gumusayak (Tolga Astro/Astro Imaging Channel)

The Marathon Motel & RV Park

The Marathon Sky Park


Internet Heros

eigenVector @discord

MIKO @discord

KREX @discord

Discord: astrophotography channel

Teachers & Professors

Dr. Charles Lippy ( College advisor, mentor, and friend)

Mr. Thompson ( 10th grade chemistry)

Ms. Olsen ( 8th grade earth science)

Ms. Daily ( 9th grade biology)

Mrs. Story ( Geometry, Trigonometry, & Calculus)

Mrs. Griffin ( Encouraged me to lead)

Mrs. Harris ( Encouraged my love of science)

Mrs. Brown ( Taught me to love reading)

Project Orion Final Critique Panel

Katie Harbison

Chris Waldrup

Corrie Ann Delgado

Ralph McConnell

Dennis Sprinkle

William Ramey

Nicole Seiferth

Sandra Alagona

Danny Self

Patrick Sick

David Frost

Peter Sarnosky

Dustin Flemming

John Oneal

Jared Wellman

Awni Hafedh

Jonathan Burkett & Ward Southeard of 5 on 7

Brannon Reed

Brian Cooper

And to the person I forgot. I know I did and I’m so sorry. My brain is just about fried after finishing this giant project. Now for a break before the next project!

Thank again!