Enjoying Your Time At the Eyepiece

Links from “A practical guide to visual astronomy”. You can find a recording of my presentation at the Astronomical Society here:

Enjoying your Time at the Eyepiece by Matt Harbison- BAS of Chattanooga Presentation, September 8, 2022

I’ve linked the helpful details from tonights talk here:

Settle Videos: Youtube.com/SpaceforEverybody

Choosing a Telescope Mount: Telescopenights.com

Visual Kit Suggestions:

A nice refractor to consider for VISUAL or PHOTOGRAPHIC use – Astro Tech 72mm ED w/ FPL 53: Astrotech.com

Another nice refractor to consider for mostly visual and some Astro-Photography- Sky Watcher 72mm Evostar ED (non disclosed glass, but a lovely instrument) : Telescopes.net

An affordable Alt/Az mount for Visual Use – ScopeTech Zero: AstroHutechstore.com

A Nice tripod to work with the above Alt/Az Mount (Visual Use) – LeoFoto LS-324C (comes with great ball head, and center column): amazon.com/leofoto

Imaging Kit Suggestions:

A Nice refractor for mostly PHOTOGRAPHIC and some VISUAL- Sharpstar 61 ED: agena.com

A Nice mount to start astrophotography/imaging with- iOptron 28 Gem: agena.com

Mentioned Accessories:

Astronomy Chair Vistil Ergonomic Work Seat: Zoro.com

Zebra Red Flood Light: Zebra.com

Portable Table/Music Stand: amazon.com

Beginning Observer Basics:

The BASIC basics, a four series presenation from the BAS of Chattanooga.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/BarnardAstro

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BASChattanooga


Part I – Beginning Observer Basics – You Don’t Need a Telescope to Start in Astronomy – https://youtu.be/Vy-fnyW9iuw


Part II – Beginning Observing Basics – Telescope Basics – https://youtu.be/LJPwBg9TvEI


Part III – Beginning Observing Basics – Beginning Observing https://youtu.be/M9V-8_ijH5g


Part IV- Beginning Observing Basics – Beginning Star-Hopping – Coming Thursday, May 12th @ 7pm EST

Check back For More to come…