Lagoon, Trifid, and other Sagittarius friends…

The Original Series (TOS) of Star Trek will always be my favorite, but WOW do I love Strange New Worlds. I love all things TREK and choose not to get stuck with “my preferences”. The universe is big enough to facilitate change and growth in my opinion. Disco haters look elsewhere, any Trek is better than NO Trek.

That being said, I just finished a data dump from Marathon and quickly edited my recent work in Sagittarius. Anyone recognize the familiar blue and pink nebula in the upper right quadrant? These days, alternate reality is all the rage and TREK -yes, did that first. For every decision, is there a “version” of you that made the opposite choice? Fascinating thought.

I was just recently presented with a set of folks I truly love, who surprisingly thought a bit differently than I did. While I have said, I DON’T pick friends by their ideology, these days it’s really put to the test. I’m a “bigger table” kinda-guy so you won’t see me digging in, call it whatever you want, but SPACE and humanity pushing out has to make room for difference, whatever they may be. An eye for an eye leaves the world blind I suppose I’m trying to say. I’d absolutely choose my friends over our differences. And maybe we’ll both learn something.

That’s it for my early morning -coffee induced -thought provoking questions. No real point, just be nice and enjoy some Strange New Worlds if you haven’t already!

Happy fourth ya’ll… here’s to FREEDOM in all forms.