People ask me all the time, “ What telescope should I purchase to get started in astronomy, or Where to begin in astronomy?

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Getting started in astronomy can be a bit daunting. Certainly a nebulous journey (forgive the pun), astronomy will test your patience, focus, and wherewith-all from the word, GO. Well, I’ve definitely got some suggestions, but first, watch my new video in Episode 1 of my Astronomy Web Series. I think you’ll find my answer will be a MUCH better way to get started. After watching the video, feel free to return below for two websites that will help you find your nearest Astronomical Society!

For a detailed list of Astronomical Societies in the US – check here:

Or here:

In Chattanooga, you can check out the Barnard Astronomical Society of Chattanooga here:

If you are more familiar with astronomy, then check out my blog post on “Enjoying Your Time at the Eyepiece for more helpful suggestions.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be highlighting the different types of tools to use in observing the night sky (telescopes, mounts, and other equipment) so make sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram and subscribe to our channel on YouTube here:

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