Astronomical Photography: A Beginner’s Guide

It’s been no scecret that I love Astronomy and Photographpy and I wanted to share some handy links for anyone who participated in the Chattanooga Photographic Society’s October Meeting. Below you can find handy links for equipment purchases, walk-through videos, and some helpful videos on observing basics, produced by the Barnard Astronomical Society of Chattanooga.

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Landscape Astrophotography

Imaging Kit Suggestions:

A Nice Lens for AP:

A Nice mount to start landscape astrophotography/imaging- iOptron Sky Tracker Pro:

Wide Field Astrophotography

Imaging Kit Suggestions:

A Nice refractor for mostly PHOTOGRAPHIC and some VISUAL- Sharpstar 61 ED:

A Nice mount to start astrophotography/imaging with- iOptron 28 Gem:

Free/Paid Astro Programs:

Sky Safari- Great interactive map ($29.99 for the program) of the sky complete with tracking and telescope control:

ZWO ASI Air Studio: Great free program for control of your mount, camera, guider, and dew system: zwo website

ScopeWizard by Sky Watcher- Great Astronomy related app! Skywatcher Website for iOS and Android App


Image Comparison in case the black point on the projector is insufficient.

Mentioned Accessories:

ZWO ASI Air Plus- Astronomy Control Computer-

Sky-Watcher Mount for Deep Sky Astrophotography- SW EQR-6Pro:

Astronomy Chair Vistil Ergonomic Work Seat:

Zebra Red Flood Light:

Portable Table/Music Stand:

Beginning Observer Basics:

The BASIC basics, a four series presenation from the BAS of Chattanooga.

FB Page:

YouTube Channel:


Part I – Beginning Observer Basics – You Don’t Need a Telescope to Start in Astronomy –


Part II – Beginning Observing Basics – Telescope Basics –


Part III – Beginning Observing Basics – Beginning Observing


Part IV- Beginning Observing Basics – Beginning Star-Hopping – Coming Thursday, May 12th @ 7pm EST

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  1. Enjoyed your talk last night. I have been to Marathon and it was really dark. Where is an easily accessible location around Chattanooga to view the stars?

    1. Thanks, Tom. It was my pleasure. Around here, Cloudland Canyon state park in NW Ga or Fall Creek Falls would be the two best spots. The Ocoee TN area isn’t bad, but in my experience that area has a tendency to have fog which can wreck and otherwise clear sky. All of the moisture from the mountains in that area has to go somewhere. Haha.

      None of these areas will compare to Marathon in terms of darkness, but they will provide you with the best view of the Milky Way around here.

      I was asked about doing a workshop for your society last night, so hopefully we can make that happen.

      Clear skies!


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