Photography in Chattanooga just down the road!

Throughout my life I’ve been visiting Reflection Riding. As a child, it was called The Nature Center. Today, it’s known by the name Reflection Riding. During those times, it has remained a favorite of mine.

For the last few months, my cousin and I have been taking weekly photographic trips in search of interesting subjects. Twice now, we’ve recently traveled to the Reflection Riding campus for a leisurely walk and photographic adventure. Honestly, out of all the places around Chattanooga, this is one of my favorites and one of the best kept secrets of Chattanooga. I HIGHLY recommend you make some time to spend a few hours on the grounds. Whether it be morning or afternoon, the place is just magical. And once you’ve done so and seen its beauty, consider joining like I did!

I don’t sell any of the photos I take there, rather I use the grounds to hone my skills and share here to raise awareness of the beauty present. Chasing carpenter bees with a fast zoom, sneaking up on sunbathing turtles or dragonflies, and even practicing my breathing with a macro lens on the bountiful flora and fauna, mother nature’s obstacle course is relentless! Photography has been a life-long passion of mine, so I do my best to keep my skills in shape. I can’t think of a better place in Chattanooga than Reflection Riding for that purpose.

But… don’t take my word for it. Instead, just take a look at the photos I captured there last month and this weekend!

Here’s to hoping you make a trip to Reflection Riding and maybe decide to join as I did!

Clear Skies!