Modern technology is truly an amazing thing. I spent most of my day working on emails, calling folks, and organizing upcoming events, but I took 15 minutes to get outside and capture anything and everything that jumped out at me.

FIRST? Birds, the sound was so energetic and peaceful. Mixed with the sounds of the wind blowing through the leaves, I couldn’t help but look for a bird to capture. I really tried to capture the second before the birdsong. It’s harder than it sounds.

SECOND? Purple. The irises on the grounds are going WILD right now. So I scrambled to capture the explosion of color.

THIRD? The Japanese maple trees are so vibrant right now. Against the sky, they simply break open. The contrast of the red against the blue is an amazing thing.

This was a fun experiment. I’m going to try to do this more often! I don’t put many of my nature photos up for sale, but I’m always happy to offer them if someone wants them!

Hope you are getting out and enjoying this BEAUTIFUL spring weather!