Astronomy Picture of the Day! I have no words for this honor. An achievement for sure, but I’m just thankful and humbled for the opportunity to capture such dark skies.

The photo humbles as much as the honor of being recognized for it!

I need to say thanks to people who made this possible- Katie, Mom, Dad, Jenn, Lois, Pete, Linda, Dennis, Danny and Elle, Bill, Larry & Deborah, Ralph, and Richard Clements. There are many, many more but these folks above were the folks who had to suffer through me. ❤️

Hop on over to the website to see the work and jump to the various links in the story.

Thanks, Everybody!

edit- per request, here’s a quick blink of the starless version and normal version with stars.

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    1. Thank you, Alex! All of the master frames from the APOD are linked under my Happy Holidays Blog Post from December if you want to have a go at any of the data. Fun stuff!

  1. Do you have a version with the stars, so we can blink back and forth between the starry/starless versions?

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