The Best of Astronomical Equipment for the Visual Observer.

Back to our astronomical task!

I’m excited about my upcoming review of the AOK Swiss VAMO Traveler. I’ve been wanting to put one of these through the paces ever since they announced the encoders. I’ve reviewed other Alt-Az mounts in the past if you might be interested in their operation. I purchased a black one initially, but decided the anodized red aluminum was too nice on the red anodized Italian Avalon tripod. Here’s a photo to get you excited! This visual observer setup promises to be the best of all worlds for ease of use, lightweight equipment, and perfection in views.

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Equipment synopsis:
-American Televue Eyepiece 41 mm Panoptic
-Swiss AOK Vamo Traveler Alt-Az Mount
-German Diagonal- Baader Quartz Diagonal
-Japanese Takahashi FOA-60Q Telescope
-Italian Avalon Tpod 90 Tripod & Extension

Tak FOA-60Q on a AOK Swiss VAMO Traveler
The height of engineering: Today’s Best Lightweight Visual Telescope Setup