Click the image above to download the L,R,G,B, and HA masters.

I don’t -for one second- take for granted the skies of Marathon Texas. I’m hoping you find a way to get there and see for yourself!

It is a little later than I’d hoped, but here’s a fun break from mundane skies. I’ve packed up around 20 hours of data on my recent “Ancient Vistas”. Nothing fancy, just good clean data. L, R, G, B, and Ha masters for you to play with. They are star aligned, calibrated/processed, and have a DBE applied.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and you find a way to spread a little cheer to those around you!

**Not for sale/resell. Images provided for personal use only; Please tag images/posts with- MattHarbison@MarathonSkyPark . **