Comparing eyepieces and discussing the FOV created this beauty of light!

Another great night out with my society, dodging clouds and fighting seeing. Nothing really to write home about as the seeing was a putrid 3 to 4 most of the time. There were a few glimpses of 4.5-5 as the wind blew the clouds out, but the instability in the atmosphere wreaked havoc at the eyepiece.

Regardless, as with anytime out with the society and at the scope, a good time was had by all!

I like to post these outings to encourage others to get out and observe. It’s a bit intimidating at first, but ultimately I find it a GIANT stress reliever. If you want to find out more information pertaining to joining a society in the US, look no further than the Astronomical League here:

LEO! Regulus at the eyepiece…

I spent the night on Regulus observing at a mix of 114 power on my TV 7mm Nagler Type 6, 62 power on my TV Ethos 13mm, 36 power on a borrowed TV Nagler 22mm Type 4 (ugh, i’m going to be buying one of these, just beautiful and fits the gap in my Eps nicely, and lastly my port hole to space, the Brandon 48mm at 17x. Of note, I had imaged Regulus and it’s “GHOST” as it’s called years ago, but had never got a handle on where it was at the eyepiece, turns out, I didn’t even have it in the view with the TV 32mm Plossl. The more you know! Compare the view from Sky Safari below and the image of Regulus at the bottom.

FOV with my eyepiece kit
The Image of Reguls taken in 2017/18 from my remote scope in Marathon Texas