Bold Jumper Spider
Cheese! The Bold Jumper poses…

Terrific, Radiant, & Humble; A bold jumper spider poses for a high resolution camera

Chances are, you’ve seen the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Whether it was on your sleeve, your car, or staring at you from a leaf, these tiny creatures are one of the most amazing insects around. They’ll mimic your movements; they’ll stare you down; and they’ll do it all while remaining completely hidden, yet in complete sight. Well, some of them. Ha.  It wasn’t too long ago I came across a beautifully designed web complete with a buffet line. 

Smiling for the camera?!?!

Eight Legged Terror or Nature’s Tiny Treasure

Spiders aren’t everyone’s thing. I can honestly say I’ve not been a fan of them after walking through a web in the woods (that’s the worst IMO), but let’s talk about the benefit of spiders for a second.

Green Orb Weaver Spider
A Green Orb Weaver Spider From the Yard

-They Are NATURAL Pest Control Agents

That’s right, they will keep your mosquitos, ants, and other biting pests at bay. It’s estimated that a single spider can consume as many as 2,000 insects a year! Add that to the other spiders of the world, and we are talking 400-800 million TONS of insects yearly, worldwide! All you can eat buffet, anyone?

The Red-Eyed Jumper

– Very few spiders are actually dangerous to people. 

Yes, there are a few that cause issues- the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse for sure- but for the most part, spiders aren’t out to get us. Given the tiny size of most spiders, they are designed to subdue prey, insert defense, and provide food for themselves.

Brown Orb Weaver
A Brown Orb Weaver Spins a Web

– The presence of spiders is a good sign!

Spiders are pretty selective in their surroundings, choosing to live, hunt, and inhabit only the clean and pure environments. Cleanliness, air quality, and a peaceful environment are good indicators of a spider’s home, just like our homes!

The Bold Jumper Spider is one of the most beautiful insects around

An Emerald Green Jumper prepares to jump!

So I’ve been fortunate that my neighbor has the most amazing bushes, flowers, and plants around. Not only that, she freely welcomes me climbing through her well-kept yard to photograph these tiny treasures. I’m a SUCKER for the jumping spiders, but I’ll freely chase any spider that won’t run from me. My favorites are the jumping spiders. They just seem to have a peace about them that I wish to capture. 

The Bold Jumper Strikes a Pose

Regardless of your reaction to these spiders, I hope you’ll reconsider the next time you place your boot over the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. While they might not be the most TERRIFIC of creatures, they provide a RADIANT service to humanity in the most HUMBLE way possible.

And yes, I am a fan.

-for Charlotte

-from the second grade me. <3