Astrophotographer (me) problems: Pixel Peeping.

I’m finally finishing up my projects from the Winter in Marathon. I began SH2-240 ( often called the Spaghetti Nebula) thinking it would be my first light, but TERRIBLE weather conditions in Marathon made the LRGB data acquisition problematic and the sub freezing temps had me chasing focus. I decided to finish the MASSIVE amount of HA & O3 present, and made the jump over to the Seagull for my first light. Glad I did, the Seagull Nebula managed an Image of the Day over at Astrobin!

Below, I’ve posted an image of my LRGB data combined from Marathon. Side by side with and Image Analysis of the corners for your inspection. I’m leaving it full screen so folks can get an idea of the corners. If your going to pixel peep (I do, I shouldn’t, but I do) you’ll notice some tilt in the left side. I’m hoping it can be attributed to the overall 4% tilt I left in the system when I departed for home last Winter. I’m also hoping I can alleviate it and get it back to 0% when I return this Summer.

Regardless, it’s’ not terrible. It still produces a nice field. I’m almost finished with SH2-240 and hope to release it this week, or early next week. You can judge for yourself when it’s released at full resolution. It’s been fun. What will be the most fun, is tearing through the sky next season. Things should get really interesting, really fast with myself, and my friend Dennis Sprinkle, knocking down survey panels together with matching systems! BRING ON THE GIANT MOSAICS!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s the proof:

Image on the left taken in moderate temps March/April while image on the right was taken sub freezing in February/March