When Power Solutions Melt Down…

The driveway planetary rig, power box at lower left.

It’s going to happen… In this case, I purchased the Kendrick power box in 2015 and tonight in 2020, almost at Mar’s opposition for the year, it’s TOAST! It’s been a trooper but it melted down and released all of it’s “magic white smoke” in the most inopportune time. I’m going to pull it apart tomorrow night and see what can be salvaged, but it’s not looking good!

And EXACTLY at the moment seeing was beginning to stabilize and Mars was almost overhead! Oh well. Such is life with astrophotography and astronomy of any kind. Here’s hoping I can piece together some of it for a decent shot this next week as Mars approaches opposition.

Mars has been my great white whale for a few years now. Always remaining elusive or seeing not cooperating. This is when patience and perseverance come into play. Hopefully I’ll manage a decent shot this year, but if not, there’s always next year, or better yet- 2035 when it’s back at it’s closest!

My crummy refractor-Mars will have to suffice until then!

Planetary captures since 2011

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