Public Speaking and Outreach

200 elementary school students look through 3 different telescopes in an afternoon of science and HANDS-ON education!

In addition to my monthly involvement with the BAS of Chattanooga’s outreach events, I am also available for group outreach and private astronomy instruction.

Below is the list from the last 5 years of outreach in the community.

Dade Elementary School 2016, 2017

Hixson Elementary School- 2016, 2017

Red Bank Elementary School 2017

St. Nicholas Episcopal School 2018-2020

Girls Preparatory School- October 2018

Barnard Astronomical Society of Chattanooga – October 2019

Science On Tap- Sponsored by the Tennessee Aquarium – Barley Pub, Chattanooga- January 2020

Catawba Valley Astronomy Society- Bobfest, Keynote Speaker- February 2020

Charlotte Astronomy Club – July 2020 (online presentation)

Astro Imaging Channel – August 2020 (online presentation)

2020.08.16 | Matt Harbison: How I Created a 200-Panel Mosaic

Join us as we find out how astrophotographer Matt Harbison made a whopping 200-panel mosaic! To Donate to TAIC https:…