Long-found friends in Marathon Texas

You’ve heard it said. “It’s the little things”. And it really is. For me, little things add up to the big things. So how about another list of little things… making new friends- seeing through someone else’s eyes- being patient and kind while we learn. In the interest of not being too “preachy” I’ll just say the older I get, the more I realize how little I know, and to look for the little things.

The photo above represents the little piece of heaven for me, that is Marathon, Texas. Maybe a little place to some, but such a centering place for me. They say it gets in your blood- the desert. John Van Dyke says that anything coming out of the desert has evolved, sacrificed, and grown to survive. I can see this point of view. It’s beautiful one moment, and harsh and unforgiving the next. Which means the people who live and frequent here have learned to appreciate the “little things”. As one local said shortly before this photo was taken,” after a while, you realize the little things are… in fact, the big things.

So here’s to Marathon and and the little things.

My apologies for the dive into self-help. Tomorrow ill get back on task.

Clear skies!