Is there anything better than listening to a scheduled launch and it’s preparations? From the days of the space shuttle until now, finding a live launch (carried on major news channels back In the day) to watch made for a GOOD day. Given, I had more time to leisurely watch back then, now instead I leave it on in the background. This mornings spreadsheet, a good cup of coffee, the background noise, and an upcoming trip to the Texas observatory where my telescope is installed to dream about! It’s going to be a GOOD day!

I love how “commonplace” it’s becoming to watch SpaceX launch something. My favorite YouTube channel to watch is the NasaSpaceFlight channel (linked below). The “Texas-tank-watchers” as they called themselves, really offer a fanatical level of detail and attention to these sometimes mundane events. Make no mistake. If you want a front row seat to humanity’s trip to Mars, this is where you want to be. Scrub or sail, they’ll bring you every fine detail!

In the live feed below you can see both starships- SN9 and SN10, on the pad!

Watch online at my favorite feed! @NasaSpaceflight